Dear HTC MEMBERS, starting our first oficial publication, it is significant to talk about our history, how this idea come true and  to were we intend to go.

    HTC started to presents itself into reality on October 6th, 2015, as nothing more as a Facebook Group,  whose aim was to gather surgeons and scientists interested about the new blooming area inside the vast surgical field, the high tech surgery, got out from outstanding minds during the few decades after the revolutionary appearence of the videosurgery, also called Minimally Invasive Surgery.

    After the initial shok of the endoscopic surgery rising, new approaches and technologies starting to come to surface, as the NOTES, Single Port Surgery, Minilaparoscopy, Robotic Surgery and others. Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality and much more are now coming. In this context, HTC started in the social media; to our complete surprise, in few months, thousands of coleagues joined us, gathering since medical students to outstanding Professors around the world.

    Soon HTC was organized in an International Executive Committee and Continental Boards, plus a special Board for the Middle East. With this strenght, HTC  was converted in High Tech Surgery Association on April, 25th ,2016, during the I HTC International Executive Meeting in Munich, Germany, counting with great names as Profs Waalid Bukhari, from Saudi Arabia, Zao Gong, from China, and others.

    After that meeting, HTC organized the II meeting in Naples 2017, the third one in Rome 2018, the I HTC Americas’ Meeting in Curitiba, Brazil, 2017 and a special HTC section inside the IFSO International Congress in London, 2017. Great names as Profs Aper Celik – Turkey, Rui Ribeiro – Portugal, Amiki Szold- Israel, Manoel Galvao – Brazil, Nelson Trelles  – France and many others outstanding Professors honored HTC with theirs presences.

    Now, our Association reached more than 10.000 members in 107 countries around the globe. On march, 2019, a new digital platform was released, the www.htcassociation.org, were publications, membership area with exclusive contents and much more are now available for our oficial members, as well as the unique opportunity to perform a Fellowship with outstanding Professors is a reality. Soon, digital courses will be also available.

    New plans are getting to reality, as HTC Training Centers around the world (the first one, the HTC T.C. South America, in Curitiba, Brazil is already working). For sure, this edition is an embryo for our academic HTC Journal. The II HTC Americas` Meeting is actually being planned for Ciudad Del’ Este, Paraguay, still during 2019 and, for 2020, the I HTC World Congress. 

    So, High Tech Surgery Association is a living and pulsating being, growing day by day as a big world Family. Join us as an Official Member , in one of four categories! Join us and let’s get HTC strong and capable to bring to all scientific community of the globe training, technology and satisfaction, getting also to our populations the best our health State of Art can offers!

Thank you all very much and let’s go on! 


Released the High Tech Surgery Journal n 1
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